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All of our beef is locally grown on our ranch from birth to the finished animal, ready to be processed. We have been raising cattle since the 1950’s. We have diligently worked on improving our genetics for tenderness for over 10 years! Each cut of meat can be traced back to the cow and bull the calf was out of. Records help produce a tender product that we look forward to being served at your home! All products are vacuum packed and frozen. Since the meat does not come in contact with oxygen, once packaged, it maintains its freshness, texture and flavor longer. It is all State Inspected both at slaughter and processing.

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ALL our beef is Natural with NO preservatives or additives added to our product. The color you see and flavor you taste is all natural. We do NOT use hormones, as implants or in feed. It not only taste great, but is very healthy for your family! We sell individual cuts as well as whole carcasses or a half carcass,… which is more economical for our customers. These are picked up at the processor in Hodges and are cut to your specifications. From our Ranch to your Plate! We would like our 480 acre ranch to be the place you feel comfortable about raising the beef for your family! Stop by sometime… Please call first… May be delivering meat or fixing fence in a back pasture and miss you.

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