Parmesan_cheese_basket.1 Recipe - Cesar Salad in Parmesan Cheese Basket
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CESAR SALAD IN PARMESAN CHEESE BASKETS So elegant in the little cheese baskets, yet so easy to make. Use recipe for Parmesan Cheese Basket with this. Swiss-Garden’s Caesar Salad Ingredients 100gm Romaine lettuce 50gm Parmesan Cheese basket 10gm Chopped beef bacon 50gm Crouton 10gm Caesar dressing Preparation Croutons 50gm White bread (cubes) 2gm Chopped parsley and basil 30gm Olive oil 1gm Salt Lightly fry the cubes of white bread with chopped parsley and basil until golden brown Caesar dressing 1 Egg yolk 4gm Chopped garlic 5gm Chopped anchovies 10gm Dijon mustard 5gm White vinegar 10gm Olive oil 5gm Lemon juice 5gmParmesan cheese powder Simply mix all ingredients together to form an emulsion and assemble the romaine lettuce onto the parmesan cheese basket. Drizzle the emulsion onto the lettuce and sprinkle the bacon and croutons.