100_3907 Permaculture Garden Tour
Grower: Putney Farm
Price: $10.00 ( 1/2 hour)
%> Available (Estimated): 30

Saturday,July 13 at 3PM Don't know what permaculture is? How do we garden using no tilling, no fertilizer, and no herbicides nor chemicals? Easy. We let nature do the work. Take a stroll through the Putney Farm Permaculture gardens to hear, see, taste, and feel what it is and how it is done. Permaculture's definition is to pinpoint, although, basically simply put, permaculture is Working with nature and not against it, growing our own foods with some to spare, and building or re-building a permanent fertile soil structure. This incorporates a variety of methods; Back to Eden, Square foot, Hugelkultur, Ruth Stout, and so many more, but permaculture cannot be defined by any one certain person's method, and can be used around the world, from deserts to mountains, to swamps. How will it feel to walk out your back door to pick this morning's breakfast, knowing exactly how it was grown? It is more attainable than you might imagine. The Putneys are happy to share what they have learned about forest gardening, as it is sometimes known, and how they do it the lazy way.