Bok_choy Recipe ~ Cabbage Family Ideas
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Cabbage Family Cabbages are nutritional kings, as are their relatives, Bok Choy and Brussel Sprouts. Nutritrient rich and loaded with protective compounds, these members of the cabbage family may help fight off cancer and heart disease. Add more to your diet Use cabbage leaves as edible Steamer wrappers: sprinkle thick fish fillets withherbs (chervil, tarragon, or dill), wrap in cabbage leaves, and steam over seasoned broth (use more of the same herbs in the broth). Shred Brussels sprouts and stir-fry with garlic, chopped nuts <pecans>, and bread crumbs. Toss with cooked pasta. Steam cabbage or Bok Choy leaves and wrap around matchsticks of carrot and bell pepper. Serve the packets with a spicy dipping sauce. Stir fry Cabbage and Onions, add to coarsely mashed potatoes, and use as a stuffing for roast chicken or turkey. Add Shredded apples and apples when making potato pancakes. Make a slaw with shredded Brussels Sprouts, carrots, red peppers, and pears. Dress the slaw with a light vinaigrette. MAXIMIZING THE BENEFITS For vitamin C, raw cabbage is best, but when cooking, it is best to steam, microwave, or stir-fry for maximum retention of other nutrients.