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Hello! Ordering is open for drop-off on Tuesday May 14 starting at 4 pm at Swamp Rabit Cafe and Wed for Whole Foods Market

Hello! Ordering is open for drop-off on Tuesday May 14 starting at 4:30-5:30.
We are all very busy trying to get our fields planted between rains; the ground is already saturated, and it is not too good for the soil to plow wet ground. But, we have plenty of good crops in store for you for this late spring and summer. Our tomatoes have grown a couple of feet already, and some have little green ones already, too. Potatoes are going wild! Sweet potato slips are ready, some are already in; some top be planted as soon as this letter goes out. We put in green beans, beets, chard, and onions already. Lettuce is looking very healthy. Hang in there a couple more weeks.
Many of you have committed to CSA’s; many of you are picking up things you need at local Farmer’s Markets, and that is great. This means that the conscious of the Upstate has been raised to the point of being more aware of where your food comes from and supporting local growers! Please be careful, though, while you are out there shopping, and _please ask _two very important questions: 1) “Is this produce from your farm?” 2)“What pesticides are used in growing this produce?”
Other questions that might serve you well to ask are: “How important is it to you to use GMO free seeds?” “What antibiotics do you use in your feed?” If you are not satisfied with the answers, please just move along to the next booth. Plenty of growers out there go that extra mile to bring you delicious food free of any chemicals. We only allow that kind of grower and that kind of food on our market site. We pre-screen, we visit their farms, we know the growers personally, and that they do grow what they sell; or label it as whose it is.
We would like to make something clear now: there is only ONE protein grower who is certified organic, and that is because his cattle are totally grass fed. The reason that others aren’t certified organic? Anyone who feeds grain at any time in the animal’s life most certainly has fed something tainted with GMOs. We cannot get organic feed here in SC without paying huge shipping costs which make the feed 3 times or more what we are now buying. Local groups are working on this situation, but that is how it is at the present. Local growers are lucky to break even today with the sky-rocketing feed costs as it is, and would have to more than triple the cost of our products to just stay even. Think about it: would you pay three or more times as much for Organic eggs/chicken/beef/lamb/turkey/goat milk/cheese? We would like to know what you think about this.
The problem all boils down to “Round-up Ready Corn” and “Round up Ready Soy”.
This March against Monsanto thing is worth looking into, folks. We don’t hate Monsanto. We don’t want anyone to go broke. We just want a choice about what we eat. We would like labeling so we know what products have possible GMO’s in them. At this point, we don’t know. We have no idea about the feed we give our animals, nor the baby formula we give our infants. Please look into what all this fuss is about and be pro-active. Let the world know that millions of us want clean food and heirloom veggies. Even our seeds are at risk, as Monsanto buys up the seed companies and Patents our heirloom seeds that have been passed from generation-to generation. There used to be laws; like anti-trust laws that prevented companies from being so big and controlling so much. Where did these laws go? There used to be laws against conflict of interest; yet many of our lawmakers and even the FDA execs have been Monsanto employees. YIKES! What has slipped up on us? If you care about our food, please go onto Facebook and “like” Putney Farm, Upstate Locally Grown, and March against Monsanto Greenville SC. You are in for an awakening. There is a plethora of info about what is happening.
Okay, folks, so I have ranted. It is because I care about the food that you eat so passionately that this one issue has captured my attention to the point of it being a mission: a mission of saving our food systems from total chemical contamination and genetically engineered seed that messes with our health.
We will have a drop-off this week if we receive sufficient orders to cover transportation; if not, then we will save your orders for next week.
Feedback is welcome. We are all a part of USLG, and we all have a voice. Please help me to take this market in the direction it needs to go from here.
Best to all of you!
Donna and Lenard Putney