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May 23 USG Harvest News




Strawberries and Mangos with Mint Sugar
adapted from Fine Cooking Magazine

Serves Three to Four

2 TBS granulated sugar (or Stevia)
4-6 fresh mint leaves *
1 pint Strawberries,* hulled and sliced
1 Mango, peeled, seeded, and diced (or)
1 Kiwi, peeled, sliced, and diced.

Yogurt for serving (Optional)
Process the sugar and mint leaves in a coffee grinder ( or pound the mint and half the sugar in a mortar until finely ground, stir in the remaining sugar) In a medium sized bowl, toss the strawberries and mango (or kiwi) cubes with the mint sugar. Let the fruit sit for 5-10 minutes to dissolve the sugar. Serve topped with a dollop of yogurt, if you like.

Market News

WELCOME Upstate Locally Grown Members.


Order today for pickup Tuesday from 4:30-5:15 PM at Clemson Montessori School., Tuesday 4-6 at Swamp Rabbit Café, and Wed 8-8 at Whole Foods Market, Greenville.
Beginning on June 4, Putney Farm/ Upstate Locally Grown Market will have a farmer’s Market booth on Tuesday from 5-8PM at Anderson Farmer’s Market.
Where: Anderson Farmer’s Market
When: 5-8 PM on Tuesdays.
What: Farmer’s Market Booth and CLG pick-up opportunity. Many of your favorite growers will be there with their fresh veggies and fruit. This will be an opportunity to pick up extras that aren’t (yet) offered on USLG. Beginning that week; Just choose the Anderson Drop-off and we will have your orders ready for you there.

OCCASIONAL CSA:(NEW) What you will see in the occasional CSA this week: an array of baby lettuces from Putney Farm, with a few micro greens of amaranth and Lamb’s quarters, a spring onion, an herb sampler, and edible flowers to garnish a freshly harvested garden green and herb salad. ( Suggestion: A simple vinaigrette of extra-virgin olive oil, herb, balsamic or wine vinegar, salt and pepper is best to allow the other flavors of the herbs, greens and flowers to shine through.)
The featured eggs will be Jumbo Fresh Duck Eggs. These jumbo eggs are wonderful for baking, because they add fluff to cakes, pancakes, etc. Besides baking, the rich flavor and texture also lend a boost to an _egg salad _or potato salad, and we love them as boiled, fried, or scrambled eggs. Your CSA bag will be rounded off with braising greens, a cheese, and a pint of freshly harvested strawberries for dessert. Order early while quantities last.


CFSA Farm tours June 1-2
2013 Upstate Farm Tour – Volunteers Needed! You may wish to volunteer as a greeter at a favorite farm for one day of the tours and get a free LOGO gift, as well as FREE entrance to any/all of the farms on the tour on the day that you aren’t volunteering! Ashley Jordan is the volunteer coordinator for the tours this year! Contact Ashley @ You may also reach Ashley at 864-940-0994. Act soon, as the volunteer slots are filling up!


March Against Monsanto, a world-wide event happening on May 25


These are family-friendly, peaceful marches, with informative speakers. Please feel free to make a sign, and if you do, use no sharp points on the stick. And, wear red if you can. See March against Monsanto on Facebook for lots of great info.
March Against Monsanto ANDERSON takes place Sat. May 25th at 11am at the Anderson County Farmers Market! There will be local businesses and farms, music, speeches, info booths, and hopefully a full scale march. Please come out, spread the word, join something that matters to each of our bodies and the sake of our planet!
*March Against Monsanto Greenville takes place the same day at one o’clock.
Here is copy from the Facebook page: “On May 25, activists around the world will unite to March Against Monsanto.
Meet at County Square in Greenville, SC – 1:00 pm. We will march. Wear red. Bring Signs (no bigger than 20X30 with a blunt post – no sharp points). Bring your voice.” Facebook Page here Website: Here. This will be a world-wide event. The Greenville group wishes to keep this peaceful. We just want our voices heard and want labeling so that we know what we are eating. If you would like to join the marches, go to the MAM event page on Facebook and let them know that you will be there. But, you are welcome to join in at any rate.

What’s it all about?The March against Monsanto world-wide mission statement can be found here
Watch the full length documentary “The World According to Monsanto” here

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