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DM, Greenville SC
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I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Your Market is Open

This post expired on June 28, 2023.

Hello folks! Your market is open for ordering, and your drop-off choices are

  • Tuesday July 2 : Whole Foods Market Greenville SC, 4 PM till Wednesday at Closing. Anderson Farmer’s Market from 5-8 PM Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery from 4:30-6
  • Wednesday: You may pick up at Whole Foods all day at the information desk.
  • Any questions or problems: text me : 864-353-6096

We now have heirloom green tomatoes for your dining pleasure. We will provide two recipes with your tomato order this week: one for Southern fried green tomatoes, and one for Green tomatoes over pasta.
Our wildflowers are blooming their little heads off, so why not order a wildflower bouquet to delight yourself or a loved one with the fragrance of wildflowers and herbs. And, if you have someone who has a special occasion coming up, order up one of these delightful bouquets to add to the pleasure of their day?
We are happily involved in a project called “Trusted Farms”, which supplies CSA’s to people’s workplaces. Since this is our first year, we elected to partner with Welch and Son Farm to create a delectable array of CSA products for the project. Yesterday was our first day, and it was a thrill to see how excited the people were about their CSA bags, (and their wildflower bouquets were really a hit!) I figure that it could be the very first time that some of these folks have ever tasted sustainably raised foods, and their taste buds will never be the same. It is very encouraging to me to know that more and more folks are waking up to the idea that food is the building block of health, and that what you eat can and will make a difference in our general well-being. Please continue to spread the word, dear friends, and set examples for others to follow!
Chicken is in! We are now replenished with Welch and son whole Chickens; just in time for your week-end celebrations! Order one or more; stock up so you aren’t caught short again. Remember, folks, that these free-ranged chickens are NOT commercial chickens. What’s the difference, you ask? Glad you asked. Commercial chickens are a different breed; bred for (dangerous) rapid growth and huge breasts. They are usually raised by the thousands either in pens that allow no movement, or on floors of huge buildings where they are jammed together and can hardly move. They get no fresh air nor sunshine, either. You see, an advantage to the companies that raise hens this way is that the poultry can’t exercise and can’t really build muscle, therefore, they are more tender.
This is our point here: Free-ranged chickens are free to exercise and therefore, they build muscle along with gathering good enzymes form the soil they peck. They are simply more healthy, and require no antibiotics. They graze on green things and on their natural diet: insects. (They are birds, you know) :-) They bask in the sun when they feel like it and get plenty of sunshine vitamin D. Pastured chickens are just plain better for you all the way around!
One point that we would like to make here though, is that these are not fryers. The young chickens are better appreciated as broilers. Baked, boiled in a broth, or in a crock pot; in other words, slow cooking with a little moisture is the very best way to enjoy these tasty birds! Add a little onion, garlic, and rosemary, and you have a meat fit for a king! Oh, can’t you just imagine the wonderful smell of a chicken baking in the oven or crock pot with a few new potatoes and onions scattered around them basting in the juices? I’m making myself hungry, so order some chickens today before I eat all of them, Ha, Ha!
For all you beef lovers: there is nothing more tasty, in my opinion, than Nature’s Beef from Taylor Farm! Since the Taylors are so convenient to us as our neighbors, we eat their beef consistently. We have always had the most wonderful meals with Nature’s Beef; no matter what cuts we have tried! One way that we love the beef, now that we have discovered it, is in the thin slices called “Philly”. We love to not only use it for Philly style sandwiches with onion and peppers on them, but we use this cut in stir fry, for hot beef sandwiches, and a myriad of ways! (Of course we love all the cuts!) Roasts are tender, steaks are tasty, ground beef is always just right, and very little fat, but still tasty!
Announcing that AWA Approved Happy Critters will be joining us for the months of July and August right here on the USLG sites! Order now while you can!
Remember that we have more and more veggies as the weather warms up! Look under the heading of Produce/Vegetables.
Hope to see you some time along the way. Come visit our booth at the evening market at Anderson Farmer’s Market. Some of your old friends are there, too, such as Hurricane Creek Farm (Only a week or two left for his tomatoes) Split Creek Farm, And Happy Critters Farm are all there every Tuesday from 5-8 PM. Make plans to come see us this week before your holidays start.
Best to you!
Donna and Lenard Putney