Putney Farm


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Putney Farm is a permaculture type homestead, where we enjoy working with nature to permanently replenish and rebuild the soil via the method most closely described as Forest Gardening. (Does anyone fertilize or till the forest? NO! Yet the trees and woodland plants keep on thriving, year after year, century after century)
Putney Farm has a market garden, cut flower gardens, herb gardens, fruit orchards, walking trails through meadows of wild things, and blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry patches for their own use. Probably up to 98% of what grows there is either edible, medicinal, or else it helps to build the soil nutrients and tilth.
Is it more graphic to describe what we Don’t do, rather than what we do? Well, it is a beginning. We don’t: spray, till the soil, have worm bins, use fertiliser, use chemicals, have erosion, burn weeds, turn compost piles, water very often, work in the sun if we can help it.
We DO: mulch deeply, compost in place by the Chop n Drop method or by our own “pull and plop” methods, take every advantage of soil fungi, have gazillions of composting worms and worm castings in our gardens, conserve water in several methods, utilize companion planting to both attract beneficials and repel/confuse chewing insects, gladly share what we have learned, grow or barter the main part of our diet, spend most of our time outdoors in the clean air, and work in the shade most of the time.

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