Landscape Gardening and Natural Design

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“Gardens are great places to teach the important lessons of life”~ Robert Rodale
At Landscape Gardening and Natural design, we design,install, and maintain home and business garden areas in harmony with nature. We do not use chemicals. Many of our indoor, as well as outdoor designs are carried out in urns and flower pots.
Owned by Master Gardener Donna Putney, this company has been in the Upstate serving descriminating clients for over ten years .
Coming from an art background, we use plant color and texture combinations to create the effects that please you. We concentrate on using easy-care, yet pleasing herbs and perennials. One of our gardens was selected for the 2008 Greenville County Garden Club Garden Tours.
We also do consultations, advising you about what would work in your yarden. We work with you to make your dreams come true.
We have three Master gardeners at your service, and are able to carry out your plans, as well as to help you to keep it all looking good all without the use of chemicals.

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