Over the Rainbow at Putney Farm

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  • Over the Rainbow
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    Putney Farm is a Permaculture Homestead. Being a homestead, many products that we use daily are made right here on the farm. We always choose the most natural, non toxic solutions to our daily needs and we would like to offer to share these natural products with you. From soaps to compost, and all in-between, our products help keep the environment and you clean ad healthy.
    Order from the web or pick up our products at Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery or at Greenwood’s Uptown Market on Wednesdays from 10-2PM all seasons except the very coldest days. We will ship out products at your request and you pay shipping fees.
    We hope you love our products and tell your friends about us. Looking forward to serving you.
    Donna and Lenard Putney
    Over the Rainbow
    at Putney Farm

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