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The convenience of ordering directly from home and reaching area farms is a new one, but it is rapidly spreading across the nation. We founded Upstate locally Grown so that you did not have to travel to every farm and every farmer’s market in order to get fresh local sustainable foods and products.
Some of our products include garden products like composted chicken Manure, which can be used without fear on any plant.
Our friends set aside their time to personally pack your orders and drop off to us so that you may virtually visit the farm and literally receive the cream of their crop!
About Putney Farm:
Located in the Friendship Community of Honea Path, Putney Farm is ten-acres of rolling pasture/woodland mix. Using organic and sustainable practices, we raise perennials and herbs, cut flowers, veggies, and free-range layer chickens;Eggs from hens kept in an environment free of any type of cage system. This environment provides the hens with the room to engage in their natural behavior. This vigilance provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their products come from happy, healthy hens.. (For a Berkley 2008 study on the Sunny Side of Eggs, click
We never have caught up with the demand for fresh, naturally colorful, uncontaminated, pastured eggs. As people like you make more healthy choices about what we eat, the demand continues to grow. We love our chickens, and we love the way of life, and can’t see giving it up for any amount of money. Among the 300+ – who live with us are Americana/Auracauna (Blue/Green or pink eggs) Rhode Island Reds,(Cherry-eggers), Buff-Orpingtons (light Brown eggs), and Morans, the “Cucoo” kind, who lay “chocolate” colored eggs. We are known for the variety of colored eggs in the carton, which we call Rainbow Eggs. Also available are all brown large eggs. For a great deal on a whole flat of eggs “2.5 dozen)”: click on the words. These come beautifully displayed in a sturdy clear plastic carton (recycled from PET water bottles)and dishwasher safe.
We hope that you enjoy our products and that you will be encouraged to do something towards our common goals to stop poisoning our collective selves and our planet. We feel that we are a part of the movement to bring real food back and to conserve the earth’s resources. We encourage recycling, reusing, and reducing our impact on the environment. LOOK FOR US IN THEEGGSCATEGORY, AND IN “PLANTS
Donna and Lenard Putney
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