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“Thanks to all who make this possible!!” ~
DM, Greenville SC
“I’m really happy with everything I received. How juicy and tasty
I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Your USLG Market is Now Open!

Folks, we have been on a hiatus for a few weeks, due to a change-over in market managers. We have been doing some re-adjusting, and are now back on our feet, and starting off on a run!
Thank you, volunteers, for raising your hands to offer help! In the next couple of weeks, we will be contacting you for some brain-storming on ways you can help with the market operations. Besides the reward of helping a great cause, Upstate Locally Grown volunteers are rewarded with market veggies and eggs, too!
Freshness guarantee:We at Upstate Locally Grown strive to find you the freshest, greenest, and most alive foods available anywhere! They are picked fresh for you at the very peak of their ripeness, cooled, and shuttled to you in our little white veggie-van, always in coolers to preserve the vibrancy, crispness, and nutrition. We are what we eat, and we produce live cells from living foods!

The milk that we bring to you is from the latest and freshest batch, the greens were in the field earlier that day, and the eggs are always freshly laid! What more can you ask, than for the grower to go out and pick/pull, gather, and harvest just for you, and send it quickly on to your kitchen?

Please tell your friends about us, and ask them to mention that you sent us. You will receive 10% off your order when your friend writes a note on their order that you sent them!
Don’t like being locked into a year-long CSA, but would like to have one as needed?
Folks, we have a wonderful program which allows you to order a CSA At-liberty. We gather the best of our offerings for the week and products that we know will give you a great addition to a few delicious meals. The variety is astounding; mainly because we select your CSA products from several growers. You should expect some protein and veggies; and the value will exceed the fee every time! And, if you have a preference, or there is something that you DON"T want, just jot a little note as you order your CSA, and we will try very hard to accommodate your specific tastes.
Here’s wishing you a great week, delicious healthy meals, and happy shopping!
Donna Putney 864-353-6096