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“Thanks to all who make this possible!!” ~
DM, Greenville SC
“I’m really happy with everything I received. How juicy and tasty
I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Helpful hints and A Reminder of our Policies

This post expired on June 06, 2023.

Welcome to Upstate Locally Grown Market, where you may enjoy a delectable array of locally and sustainably produced choices.
Feel free to browse anytime.

  • The market will be open for ordering from Thursday at 6pm until Monday 12pm.
  • Go to the Market page and browse fresh, sustainable local items directly from the grower.
  • When you are finished ordering, Proceed to check-out, where you may make notes under each item to specify your wishes. ie: “I would like a serving for four”….or “The smallest piece you have, please”… or, “Please phone me with the final price of my meat” etc.
    *Please be free with your comments and questions in the comment section at ordering. We will read it and take care of your questions. We want to make getting your locally grown products easy for you!
  • Upon completing your order, you will receive an automatic e-mail with your order totals. *IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation email with your order on it, then your order did not go through.. and your products would still be in your shopping cart, where we cannot see them.
    If this is the case, try again, or email for instructions.
    *Payment is convenient. Simply click on the PayPal Donate Button anywhere you see it on the site after you receive your confirmation totals. You may deposit any amount and draw down, or deposit the exact amount; it is up to you. These credits are to be used for products or membership only, as we are not able to refund your credits in cash. Remember that the meat and cheese orders will be adjusted to the actual weight of each piece after you order, so please allow for this.
    Spending credits: When you deposit to PayPal, we will post the credits to your USLG account. The software does the math and will credit and subtract when you order. These funds are not refundable in cash.
    You must spend all of your funds before becoming inactive, or else donate it to Upstate Locally Grown operating funds, as it is not refundable in cash.
    We hope that you enjoy being a part of the Upstate Locally Grown family.
    We also hope that you will want to become part of the cooperative effort between farmer and consumer that we have created here. If you would like to learn about volunteer opportunities, please respond to this email, or send me a note at

Your Market Manager
Donna Putney
864-353-6096 text