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Upstate Locally Grown Market cuts out the middle man to enable our partners
to literally
pick and pack your order just hours before you pick it up!©

“About 9% of farms account for over 90% of production. Our farms represent the other 10%”

The system is meant to emulate many aspects of a traditional “booths and tables” farmers’ market. The customers are buying directly from the grower, at prices set by the grower. The grower describes what is available, supplies photos of the items, and sets the purchase price.

We Stand behind our Upstate Locally Grown Approved Growers. Get to know more about them by clicking on “view details” Each Grower is personally known by us and is dedicated to sustainable practices.

…“great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”
Steve Jobs — Interview with 60 Minutes, 2003

The members on Upstate Locally Grown on line Farmer’s Market will be ordering directly from you. You set the prices and you put your signature on every product.
To join as a Grower, you must first be an Upstate Locally Grown Approved Grower. This Means,

  • You want to save time and money by pooling together for our mutual benefit.
  • You have a cooperative, win/win spirit,
  • You grow sans chemicals,
  • Your animals are
  • free-ranged,
  • allowed natural foods,
  • fresh air and sunshine,
  • and never in cages
  • You work with nature in replenishing the land
  • You show preference to Heritage and Heirloom products
  • Your products have the proper licenses and labels
  • Your farm is covered with a product liability insurance.
  • You think competition is healthy, as it raises the bar of excellence
  • Your character is seasoned with the traits of integrity and a cooperative spirit.

*Please read: How Do I Sell on Upstate Locally Grown on the Q&A page.
It is worth noting here that organic gardening is a black-and-white scenario for any gardener, with no gray areas. If you use any chemical such as Round-up, even just in the cracks of the driveway, then you are not an organic gardener. True organic gardens suffer NO pesticide use whatsoever, and that’s the perfect world we should all aim for: Gardens Ablaze
You may wish to pay your Grower’s Fee here: Please indicate that it is for grower’s fee under the heading “Purpose” on PayPal.

Welcome Letter: To review details about your market, For The Welcome letter with details on how the market works for growers
Donna Putney
Market Manager
864 3697907

Our Growers

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Brochure_steers Bar T Ranch - Nature's Beef
Honea Path, SC
N/A View Details

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Pigs_on_pasture Happy Critters Ranch
Honea Path, SC
View Details
2nd_001 Landscape Gardening and Natural Design
Honea Path, SC
View Details

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Over the Rainbow at Putney Farm
Honea Path Sc
N/A View Details
Donnaputney_opt Putney Farm
Honea Path, SC
View Details

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